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    You are not forsaken 


    Manggongzhu has recently come across many teenagers who dropped out of schools prematurely, find life hopeless and are jobless. They need care and guidance. Therefore, Manggongzhu supports a group of young people to set up Hong Kong Yacht & Start-Up Association and make good use of the Manggongzhu yacht to create opportunities on board and make a difference in their lives.

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    About Manggongzhu


    "Manggongzhu" had a sobbing upbringing. A rebellious teenager, he found himself out of the place in the mainstream education system. His life took a dramatic turn when he was aware of Worldwide Sea’s training school and successfully applied for it. The six-year stint with the company was life changing and the most rewarding chapter in his career. 

    The 56-feet, 32-people yacht is named after Manggongzhu. 

    Subsequently the family of late philanthropist Mr Li Fook Hing donated his favourite 32-feet TRU-LUV II yacht that we have upgraded to Manggongzhu 2 and will benefit even more young people.

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    What can you do on board of Manggongzhu fleet


    We welcome any organisations and schools to partner with us to organise activities for rehabilitated offenders, the underprivileged, single-parent families, foreign domestic helpers and students on the 56-feet Manggongzhu yacht, which can accommodate as many as 32 people.

    Through sustainable sailing activities, we hope the beneficiaries will learn team spirit and build perseverance, patience and healthy values.

    Manggongzhu Concern Group on Pleasure Boat Licence


    The concern group serves as a platform for people including the rehabilitated who are interested in taking the exam of Pleasure Vessel Operator Grade 2 Certificate of Competency. We aim to raise the awareness of marine safety and help them build seamanship and put into practice what they have learned.

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    Be our Volunteers


    Be our volunteers on our 56-feet yacht, Manggongzhu! If you can:

    1. Take care of students during voyages 

    2. Preserve the ocean through activities 

    3. Coach trainees to operate a yacht

    4. Repair and maintain a yacht with such skills as electrical and marine engineering, carpenting, fixing sailing equipment etc.

    Please feel free to contact us if interested or contact Agency for Volunteer Service at www.avs.org.hk

  • 2023

    (pls refer to the bilingual section of 2023 on www.hkysua.org)







    The return of Manggongzhu fleet and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


    Q4 2022


    Training of 4 HKUST teams formed by students and alumni is powering ahead on Manggongzhu’s fleet for Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club’s Alma Mater Race 2022. See you on December 18. 💥

    Scout Associaton of Hong Kong's 110th anniversary celebration

    November 6 2022


    Hello there! Scores of kids hopped on Manggongzhu on Sunday morning and afternoon to experience the fun of sailing and a parade at Victoria Harbour. Thank you Scout Associaton of Hong Kong’s invitation.

    The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel Hong Kong X Manggongzhu

    October 7 2022


    In supporting boat dwellers, Sino Group’s new hotel, The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel Hong Kong, through Manggongzhu , gave away care packs to underprivileged families at the Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter. The packs consist of essential food items such as rice, cereals, cooking oil and biscuits, as well as anti-pandemic materials.



    September 13 2022

    Manggongzhu on Scottish Highland Bagpipes. (The trio met for the first time🤓).


    Care for our community

    August 17 2022

    With the support of Hong Kong Yacht & Start-Up Association, Hong Kong Inter-university BigBoat Association gave away organic eggs to boat dwellers in Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter through Manggongzhu 3. Recipients were happy and thankful for the donations. The typhoon shelter is of a small area, but with a huge gap of Income disparity.


    2022年11月25日Let’s celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong SAR”


    July 2022


    Co-organised by Manggongzhu and Farm66, the programme - “Let’s celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong SAR” - kicked off. Hundreds of underprivileged people and the youth from over 20 NGOs are celebrating with us!



    Manggongzhu’s public health and anti-epidemic mission @ Cheung Chau 

    April 21/22 2022


    Organised by CCOUC (Collaborating Centre for Oxford University and CUHK for Disaster and Medical Humanitarian Response), CUHK’s Centre for Global Health and GX Foundation, the mission involved over 20 CUHK’s medical school student volunteers visiting almost 100 senior citizens at Cheung Chau over the two days, sharing public health information and distributing anti-epidemic supplies to them. The mission was supported by volunteers/ rehabilitated drug offenders of Christian New Life Association. The elderly welcomed volunteers while grateful for the supplies including masks, PPE, oximeters, gloves, face shields, rapid antigen testing kits and public health leaflets and posters. 


    Manggongzhu’s anti-epidemic mission @ Tai O


    April 17 2022


    Greeted by playful dolphins, Manggongzhu gave away anti-epidemic supplies to fishing families at Tai O on Sunday. These include medical-grade masks, PolyU PU30 reusable masks, rapid antigen test kits, TCM drugs for Covid-19, rice, soup packs and instant-noodles. Grateful for Tian and Lorna’s donations of food as well as Farm66’s donations of anti-epidemic necessities.



    Manggongzhu’s anti-epidemic mission @ Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter


    April 12 2022


    The joint anti-epidemic mission by Hong Kong Volunteers Against Coronavirus, Hong Kong Community Anti-Coronavirus Link, Volunteers from Hong Kong’s 18 Districts, Farm66, Christian New Life Association and Hong Kong Yacht & Start-Up Association was accomplished on April 10, 12 and 13. The donations such as rapid antigen test kits, masks, TCM and food were handed out to boat dwellers and the elderly at typhoon shelters of Causeway Bay, Shau Kei Wan, Kwun Tong and Aberdeen.

    Manggongzhu’s anti-epidemic mission @ typhoon shelters 

    April 10 2022


    The joint anti-epidemic mission by Hong Kong Volunteers Against Coronavirus, Hong Kong Community Anti-Coronavirus Link, Volunteers from Hong Kong’s 18 Districts, Farm66, Christian New Life Association and Hong Kong Yacht & Start-Up Association was accomplished on April 10, 12 and 13. The donations such as rapid antigen test kits, masks, TCM and food were handed out to boat dwellers and the elderly at typhoon shelters of Causeway Bay, Shau Kei Wan, Kwun Tong and Aberdeen.


    Manggongzhu’s anti-epidemic mission @ Cheung Chau


    2022 April 5 2022

    In continuous support of the Hong Kong government’s pandemic policy, Manggongzhu sailed with volunteers of Hong Kong Volunteers Against Coronavirus and Hong Kong Community Anti-Coronavirus Link to give away their donations of much-needed anti-epidemic supplies to the homes for the elderly in Cheung Chau. Volunteers of Christian New Life Association gave a helping hand.

    Manggongzhu Blessed Voyage Series 2022

    2022 March 22

    In full support of GX Foundation’s anti-epidemic efforts, Manggongzhu and volunteering brothers of drug rehabilitation organisation Christian New Life Association sailed to Lamma and Lantau islands yesterday to distribute the foundation’s donations of medical supplies such as oximeters and face masks to the needy. During the full-day voyage, we also distributed food given away by some donors.

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  • 2021


  • Debut of Manggongzhu 2


    2021 December

    We are grateful to announce that the renovation of the Tru-Luv II yacht has been successfully completed with the help of our professional crew members and dedicated volunteers.


    Following the donation of the 32-feet yacht by the family of late Mr Li Fook Hing (or Li Pak) in the summer, we have repaired and upgraded her thoroughly.


    She is now called Manggongzhu 2.


    Excited and honoured, the crew members are committed to carrying on Li Pak’s compassion for the needy and facilitating the Hong Kong government’s push on sailing as a sport by offering free training on sailing and seamanship for the youth and rehabilitated offenders.


    Commonly with at least 40 years of experience in sailing and racing of big and small boats, on-shore and off-shore, we are also specialised in repair and maintenance of yachts.


    Tru-Luv II was designed and helmed by Li Pak, who named her after his wife who he loved at the first sight. The boat is moored at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club in Causeway Bay.


    She was tailored-made by Regatta Yachts Limited.


    Li Pak was the second generation of the respected family, which founded the Bank of East Asia.


    He was one of the longest serving members with the Yacht Club for about 50 years and was a vice patron between 2010 and 2020.


    A seasoned skipper, Li Pak was regularly seen in sportswear with a cap, holding tight the tiller and dashing across Victoria Harbour in races.


    He is well remembered for his signature laughter and sparing no efforts for the best results in races.


    Buddies who used to sail with him fondly recalled the heydays in the 1970s. And Mr. Alan Tsang is one of them.


    “I had the honour of unwrapping Tru Luv II fresh from the Regatta in Hebe Haven and helming her to Kellet Island in 1985,” Alan said.


    He describes Li Pak as a good instructor with great respect, a gifted photographer and ship building engineer.


    “Together we sailed. We won. And we shared the great pleasure of winning a series of trophies,” Alan said.


    The yacht is to set sail for her next mission - serving as a sailing training platform for the youth and ex-offenders for races and as a hobby.


    Manggongzhou 2 is due to have her inaugural voyage on Sunday through supporting the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology students to join the Yacht Club’s Alma Mater Race.


    Let’s keep Li Pak’s true love going.

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    Watch the transformation of Manggongzhu 2



    December 19 2021

    Mission accomplished: 

    Manggongzhu fleet x HKUST students 

    in race


    The 3 teams formed among HKUST Connect, HKUST Sports Development and the Manggongzhu fleet have smoothly completed Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club’s Alma Mater Race!


    Professor Wei Shyy, President of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, gave a nice surprise to over a dozen of students taking part in the race by encouraging them in person.


    They felt supported and upbeat.


    The race day also marked the maiden voyage of the fully upgraded Manggongzhu 2 yacht, formerly TRU-LUV II donated recently by the family of late philanthropist Mr Li Fook Hing.


    The HKUST Sports team and our experienced crew sailed on the 32-feet Manggongzhu 2 yacht with outstanding performance.


    We expect to train more students and young people to take part in sailing races to keep on Mr Li’s legacy on helping the youth and the underprivileged.


    To promote sailing, we invited some single parent families through NGO Hong Kong Family Welfare Society to come on board of the 56-feet Manggongzhu yacht to sail with the students and our crew. The majority of these families have never sailed before, not to mention races.


    They all had a good time.

  • HKUST students X Manggongzhu 

    on race training 2 

    HKUST students are girding up their loins for the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club’s Alma Mater Race.

    November 2021

    HKUST students X Manggongzhu 

    on race training 1

    HKUST Connect, HKUST Sports Development

     and Hong Kong Yacht & Start-Up Association

     have formed 3 teams to join the 

    Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club Alma Mater Race on December 19.

    November 2021

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    Donation of TRU-LUV II


    A heartfelt thanks to the family of the late 

    Mr Li Fook Hing (or Li Pak) for its full support

     to us with the donation of his favourite yacht, Tru-Luv II. Our veteran team and volunteers 

    will upgrade her and continue 

    Li Pak’s legacy on charity. 

    We will provide sailing training 

    for free on the 32-feet yacht moored at 

    the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club 

    in Causeway Bay.

    August 2021

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    《Blessed Voyage Series》

    As a key partner of the HKUST Student Civic Fellowship learning programme in 2021, Manggongzhu has successfully accomplished a module for the university’s students. Read our student’s sharing:

    Q: Why did you join the programme?

    My name is Allie Lau, an undergraduate of HKUST’s BBA in Operations Management. While most of schoolmates were either working on temporary jobs or enrolling to some academic-related courses, I wanted to learn new things and joined the programme for the entire summer vacation.

    Q: What is the biggest takeaway from the programme?

    There were full of nice surprises with this assignment. I didn’t expect I would work on board of a yacht, or work with some rehabilitated offenders, play a vital role on organising activities and apply for government funding.

    To be honest, I didn't really have any interactions with this group of people in the past. After working with them for some time, I find that they are nice people and have positive attitude towards life and work.

    Everyone made some mistakes in the past, but if we are willing to correct them and live a proper way from now on, the future still has a lot of possibilities.

    I also had some unforgettable lessons about discipline- especially being punctual. My supervisor once told me to go home instead for being late for an important meeting. 

    I felt trusted by supervisor asked me to negotiate with business partners, which are large NGOs, and liaise closely with a government organisation in applying for funding. I was concerned about my capability but he taught me how to finish all these tasks step by step.

    Q: What is next?

    The programme on board of Manggongzhu is very new, interesting and challenging for me. I plan to return whenever off school classes as a volunteer and help execute the projects with the professional team. I would like to thank HKUST Connect and my supervisors Andy sir/ Miss for the special opportunities. #Breakthroughs #hkust #civicfellowship


    July- August 2021


    Manggongzhu: Blessed Voyage Series

    A group of compassionate young people and our trainees co-organise a concert on board of Manggongzhu. 

    They cross paths on their passion on music and sharing of life

    June 19 2021


    Manggongzhu: Blessed Voyage Series

    Community Care Programme by Hong Kong Students (Part 1)


    During the challenging time of Covid-19, a group of compassionate Hong Kong students initiates to raise funds, buy basic necessities and distribute them to the underprivileged

    together with our rehabilitated crew.


    August 8 2021


    Positive team building activity at sea: Steelcase X Manggongzhu

    Manggongzhu hosts staff with multinational furniture company, Steelcase, who spend a day sailing with us and our rehabilitated offenders. We sail to Cheung Chau, play games, and share our trainees’ personal stories.

    June 2021


     HKUST collaboration in summer

    Our talented, rehabilitated trainees as well as volunteers have a wonderful exchange with HKUST students and 

    staff on board of Manggongzhu.

    June 7 2021

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    Manggongzhu supports the rehabilitated to 

    start up business

    Manggongzhu fully supports former drug abusers to set up their own business.

    April 2021


    Manggongzhu & ex-offenders on LNY outreach

    Manggongzhu, ex-drug addicts of Christian New Life Association and volunteers of Hong Kong Acts Association 

    spend a joyful moment with the needy ahead of the Year of the Ox.

    February 6 2021


    Turning a new leaf in 2021​

    Manggongzhu, ex-drug addicts of Christian New Life Association and volunteers of Hong Kong Acts Association

    share blessings with kai fongs (neighbours) in typhoon shelters and the homeless.

    Jan 1 2021

  • 2020


  • Trained ex-drug abusers took up the challenge at 

    Hong Kong’s 

    largest sailing race

    Never give up: A team of crew composed of reformed drug abusers and young musicians, took part in Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club’s Around the Island Race 2020. We declared RET in the middle of the race amid poor wind speeds, but we persisted and finished the race smoothly and safely.

    November 8 2020

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    Training rehabilitated drug abusers for sailing races

    Impossible is nothing:Watch how Manggongzhu trains ex-drug offenders for sailing races and helps them persevere against all odds.

    Autumn 2020

    Juvenile delinquents sail on Manggongzhu

    Some members of Tuen Mun Children and Juvenile Home go sailing on the Manggongzhu yacht and experience being a skipper.

    June 1, 2020

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    Vulnerable families take a break on Manggongzhu

    Enjoying fresh air is a luxury to many people especially children 

    during the coronavirus outbreak.

    The two grassroots families Manggongzhu and ChickenSoup Foundation support,

    have a wonderful time today.

    The kids only get out of their home twice or thrice a month!

    May 26, 2020

    broken image

    A kid tried out the helm.

    Impossible is nothing on Manggongzhu 

    Let the weak say I am strong,

    let the poor say I am rich.

    This is part of the reflection of a group of former drug abusers who accomplished our marine training

    on the Manggongzhu yacht.

    May 17, 2020​

    Manggongzhu: You are not alone in pandemic battle

    (Day 3)

    Volunteers of Manggongzhu and ChickenSoup Foundation sailed to Cheung Chau to give away packs of face masks and sanitisers, which we hope will be helpful to fishermen and residents.

    Before we ended the perfect trip, 

    we distributed the necessities  

    to the needy including 

    foreign domestic helpers and the elderly 

    along the shores of 

    Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay.

    April 19, 2020​

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    Manggongzhu: You are not alone in pandemic battle

    (Day 2)

    Manggongzhu and volunteers offer anti-epidemic kits to the homeless, the elderly and outdoor workers on Day 2 of our outreach at Kwun Tong Typhoon Shelter. The homeless at the public pier 

    and we are so glad 

    to see each other again 

    as they receive 


    face masks and sanitisers.

    April 14, 2020

    broken image

    Manggongzhu: You are not alone in pandemic battle 

    (Day 1)

    Our volunteers give away packs of sanitisers and face masks 

    to the underprivileged on Easter Monday.

    You are not alone 

    during the public health crisis!

    April 13, 2020

    Rehabilitated drug abusers support 

    the homeless

    A group of rehabilitated drug addicts,

    who have received our marine training,

    sailed to Kwun Tong and sent gifts to the homeless as part of our outreach to the needy before the Lunar New Year.

    January 22, 2020

  • 2019


  • Christmas carolling by rehabilitated offenders



    Rehabilitated offenders including those we have trained, sailed on the 56-feet Manggongzhu yacht in Victoria Harbour 

    to spread 

    the good news of Jesus Christ. 

    Merry Christmas 🎅🏻

    December 24, 2019

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    Be Our Volunteers

    Be Our Volunteers Programme successfully kicked off, with the support of Agency for Volunteer Service and Manggongzhu.

    Our skipper and co-founder Andy shared his vision that HKYSUA is a platform with unlimited possibilities.

    December 21, 2019

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    Hong Kong-Macau marine exchange


    Rehabilitated offenders from ‘We Point’ unit of Christian New Life Fellowship in Macau and counterparts in Hong Kong go sailing on the Manggongzhu yacht in Victoria Harbour.

    December 18, 2019

    Youths bless Hong Kong

    A group of Hong Kong young people go sailing on the Manggongzhu yacht and bless the city. 

    May peace be with you.

    December 7, 2019

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    Support International Volunteer Day

    December 5, 2019

    We honour you, Jie Jie!

    A group of Jie Jies and brothers of Christian New Life Association experience sailing in Victoria Harbour.

    October/ November 2019

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    broken image

    Welcome to Hong Kong

    2019 - at present

    Charity voyage​

    Manggongzhu and Hong Kong Yacht & Start-Up Association jointly organised a charity voyage for The Christian New Life Association, with all funds raised- excluding costs- donated to Christian New Life Association. 

    The proceeds will be used for its rehabilitation mission. Thank you for joining this meaningful voyage. 💝

    May 25, 2019 

    broken image

    Students experience sailing

    broken image

    In collaboration with ChickenSoup Foundation and Goldman Sachs’ Community TeamWorks, we sail with a group of secondary school children around Victoria Harbour. Amid the bad weather throughout the week, we are grateful for the smooth voyage, the too-good-to-be-true weather and a team of crews who put what they learned on board into use.

    May 9, 2019

    Crew Training​

    March, 2019 - present 

    broken image

    A unison voyage

    broken image

    It is a marvellous day for more than 50 kids from Hong Kong PHAB Association, 

    who go sailing for the first time. 

    Enjoying the voyage in Victoria Harbour, they learn marine safety and even have a go at the helm! Manggongzhu is delighted to host the kids who are sponsored with a buffet lunch by Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club. 

    December 1, 2018 

  • Media coverage





    broken image


    April 6 2022


    broken image

    China News Services

    April 6 2022





    【全港社區抗疫連線義工 張敏】





    【“孟恭祝”號船長、香港帆船創業協會創始人 李志雄】




    【長洲第一護老院代表 李姑娘】





    broken image

    Wen Wei Po

    April 6 2022




  • broken image

    Asia Pacific Boating

    “In the impulsive world of drugs and crime, bad decisions are allowed to sit around accruing interest, but on Manggongzhu there’s no time for excuses. It’s all about teamwork and any mistakes need to be addressed immediately,” regional magazine Asia Pacific Boating

    reveals in its interview with Manggongzhu and our team.

    January 29, 2021

    broken image

    South China Morning Post

    Jack Hung lost his family, girl friend and friends when abusing and dealing drugs. After getting rehabilitated with Christian New Life Association and learning sailing with Hong Kong Yacht & Start-Up Association, he wants to use the new skills to help the needy including the homeless. Read this touching story.

    April 11, 2020

    TVB’s “Revel in Retirement”

    Watch how a Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club member Michael coaches and passes his sailing skills onto reformed offenders and how they put what they have learned into use in their lives and at sea.

    July 25 2020

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    What does it mean by Manggongzhu?

    What are our latest programmes? How does training on board of the Manggongzhu yacht shape the youth? Listen to the sharing of our co-founder Denise and our Chief Advisor Reverend Sam on the radio show.

    12 November 2019


    How do Manggongzhu and Hong Kong Yacht & Start-Up Association support the underprivileged? Watch the interview by RTHK channel 5 programme “Life is Love” with our co-founder Denise.

    December 2019

    broken image

    South China Morning Post

    Our Chief Advisor Reverend Sam was interviewed by South China Morning Post about Hong Kong’s drug problem

    among the youth.

    19 October 2019

    broken image

    South China Morning Post

    Hong Kong yacht crew offers reformed drug addicts chance at sailing career

    17 January 2019

    among the youth.

    17 January 2019

    broken image

    Hong Kong Commercial Daily

    更生人士揚帆維港 冀重投社會

    17 January 2019

    broken image


    帆船愛好者 助更生人士再起航

    17 January 2019

    broken image


    沉淪毒海終回頭 牧師領新生人士揚帆出海:冀助青年做好人生規劃

    17 January 2019

    broken image

    Metro Daily

    人生抉擇 戒毒學拯溺 變潛水教練

    17 January 2019

  • Our Team


    broken image

    Denise Lee


    Sharing the same values, 

    mission and dream of my creative 

    and visionary husband Andy,

    I join him in supporting the underprivileged

    especially younger people.

     On board of the Manggongzhu yacht,

    we aim to create unlimited opportunities for them, bring out their best and

    challenge the impossible.


    broken image

    Rev. Sam Cheng Chun-Wah (MH)

    Chief Adviser

    Rev. Cheng is the prison chaplain of Hong Kong SAR Correctional Services Department. He is the director of Christian New Life Association and Mission Ark. He is the Senior Pastor of 1010 Abundant Life Christian Church.

    broken image

    Nick Chiang


    With over 30 years’ experience in sailing, Nick is even more committed to sharing his wisdom to the next generation through playing a bigger role with the association. 

    broken image

    April Yam


    A master degree holder of social work with Chinese University of Hong Kong, she hopes to walk with younger people in their life journeys and live a life with a purpose.


    broken image

    Horus Fung


    A graduate of Hong Kong Baptist University’s Academy of Film, Horus wants to catch every moment of life through photography and filming.

    broken image

    Jessica Lam

    Programme Coordinator

    A business student with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, I fancy the colours of sky and ocean. An absolute animal lover, I hope to achieve self-actualization through the platform of Manggongzhu!

    broken image

    Sherine Sung

    Programme Coordinator

    Studying engineering at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, I hope to collaborate with young people and explore more ways to support the underprivileged through Manggongzhu, with an aim to create a compassionate and openminded community.

    broken image

    Ten Boys


     Ten Boys has joined our mentorship programme and is keen to participate in volunteer work to contribute to society.

    broken image

    Karen Huang

    Business Development Adviser

    A mainland Chinese graduate of Hong Kong Baptist University’s China Business honours degree, Karen is a great fan of One Piece manga, coffee and Japanese. Through sailing and cultural exchange with younger people, I hope to find out the ‘one piece’ in our hearts.

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    Hong Kong Yacht & Start-Up Association

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